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Posted by admin on Feb 18th, 2010

Towa Tei – Taste Of You feat. Taprikk Sweezee (Fakesch Remix) - From the excellent Exchange remix collection from Michael Fakesch, of Funkstorung fame. Towa Tei is probably most famous for being part of Deee-Lite, but there’s much more to this international DJ who has worked with some of the greats in hip hop to experimental music. This track is what I imagine what Prince would sound if he embraced electronics more.

Yeasayer – Ambling Alp – Another Brooklyn band, and quite similar to Animal Collective in their use of melody/harmony and electronics. Sweeping and epic, this track should have the hipsters holding hands knee deep in irony.

Autechre – known(1)(link removed due to incorrect track, thx NCT) The Kings of the stuttered beat. From their new album, Oversteps. They seem to have found that low part of the sonic spectrum once again, so please don’t drive while listening to this tape.

Jahcoozi – Barricaded feat. Barbara Panther - From Ellen Allien’s BPitchControl label, Barefoot Wanderer is the the new release from this left of center group. Mixing abstract beats into a somewhat more traditional song structure.

Yuki Murata – Glitch – Off of the incredibly touching and delicate piano based album, Films. All improvised, and especially in this piece, the space left between the notes helps to create the life within the song.

Lali Puna – Rest Your Head – Off of their new album, Our Inventions. Nothing particularly new, but still the best albums for napping. Seriously.


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