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Posted by admin on Oct 10th, 2010

A group of fans in Prague got together to shoot a Radiohead concert from August 23, 2009. The band provided the audio masters. Download here.

Grant Lee Buffalo has reformed and they are touring again. Each of their four releases are great albums and they put on a great show, so go check out this dynamic band, and remember to bring your earplugs because those acoustic instruments amped are quite loud.

We went to see Arcade Fire last weekend and it was a bit of a disappointment. Their act didn’t translate well to a bigger venue, and many of their newer midtempo songs lulled the audience to sleep.

If you are/were, or trying to be a Soul Coughing band, check out this great blog, The Unheard Music for a megapost on rarities from this unique band.


Greg Dulli – The Killer - A live rendition from his Twilight Singers repertoire. I can’t wait to see him perform solo next month.  From his venture with the Afghan Whigs to the Twilight Singers and now, The Gutter Twins with Mark Lanegan, Dulli continues his soul wrenching  delivery.

The Books Ft. Jose Gonzalez – Cello Song – A Nick Drake classic that opened up the movie The Blind Side? From the incredible Dark Was The Night compilation. Gonzalez, in a way, is very similar to Drake in their soft tonal delivery with the perfect sonic backing provided by The Books.

Best Coast – When I’m With You – A great pop band which I get confused with Beach House. The guitar fuzz may confuse your sunny eyewear choices, but there should be no doubt of the tap in your toe.

James Blake – I Only Know (What I Know Now) – Hyped as the next big thing in Dubstep. His compositions have always had that Hall & Oates Human Touch, but I think this masterpiece creates a new shine and path to see the worthiness of Blake.


Red Choo Choo is having an October-Halloween-Breakfast-Cereal-Costumes, so type in “OCT2010” at checkout, and get 15% Off of your order.

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