Fortune Rookies Invade Colonial Hipsterburg

Hosted by admin on Apr 19th, 2012

Idioteque – Radiohead @ HP Pavilion, San Jose, 2012-April-11.

The incredible lighting as seen in the picture above is by Andi Watson (interview) who has been doing Radiohead’s lighting/stage design since almost the beginning of when the band first started touring nationally. Thank you W.A.S.T.E. for the incredible seats. One of the best Radiohead shows I have ever seen, and that’s mainly because of the lighting. ( More pictures: Flickr )

If you could travel back in time which at the rate of technological advancement (see: Technological Singualrity), we will probably see in the next 20 years, what one item would you take back in time. I immediately thought a cell phone/iPhone, but the infrastructure would not be in place for that to even work, as well as for most computer based devices. Depending on which era, I might take a compilation of Chris Cunningham videos especially the Windowlicker video. Rubber Johnny might be too disturbing as my wife still mentions that when we were dating, and I showed her this short clip, she was truly disturbed and knew that the peels of my onion were a bit dark and tattered around the edges.

Here are some tracks to help you to decide if a move from San Francisco to Brooklyn ( “Not just Brooklyn. A-list Brooklyn. Park Slope, Division II Manhattan.” -Noah Baumbach’s  Kicking & Screaming) is a lateral cultural move ? Well, not Park Slope, but the much hated, according to the interlaced-web Williamsburg, thankfully not the colonial variety.


Fink – If Only (Live @ The Red Roaster) – recorded at the UK version of Red Lobster (an all-you-can-stuff faux seafood establishment). Apparently they gave away free Fink bibs as well as Fink embossed leg crackers that doubled as a music box playing this song. Wow.

Soul Coughing – The Brooklynites – Taken from the soundtrack for Spike Lee’s Blue In The Face. Again, one of the greatest/tightest bands ever. Just listen to the drumming. Chance of a reunion – Nil ?

Battles – Toddler (Kangding Ray Remix) – If you read this site, or like the blip, crackel and pop, then you too love Kangding Ray. Battles, eh.

Squarepusher – Cryptic Motion (Mr. Oizo Remix) – He really does “Slappin’ da bass” on stage, and his soon to be released album brings back some melody and fright induced charm of his previous work.  He does look all Daft Punked out now. This is a fairly recent straightforward track with the signature bass work.

Jamie Lidell – I Wanna Be Your Telephone (Tiga Party Like it’s 19909 remix) – Since the Multiply album, Lidell has been sporadically good at best. Everything came together on that album, and even though he has the funk, the voice, and the beats, the songs haven’t been as strong. Here’s a remix from Mr. Hot in Herrrre which makes things interesting while you wait at the water fountain.

Sigur Ros – Gobbledigook (Gluteus Maximus Mix) – A one-off remix from the Kompakt people. They are playing this year’s Outside Lands Festival, and I hope they either get to jam with Metallica, or play a cover by them (joke). The Another Planet people put together the worst line-up each and every year except for the first year when Radiohead headlined.

Squeeze – Goodbye Girl – From the Spot The Difference release where they recreated all of their hits. My wife just discovered Squeeze and I still think they are one of the greatest Pop acts ever. It was one of the first concerts I saw in 1987 and still probably one of the best shows. Driving to high school everyday, I wore out the Replacements Pleased To Meet Me and Squeeze’s Argy Bargy tapes.

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