Black Gum & Vertical Winds

Posted by admin on Sep 1st, 2012

Milk, Brooklyn, 2012.

We are now transmitting as well as getting sweaty in all of the wrong places in Brooklyn, or what I like to think of as the San Francisco of the east coast. It seems that the packaging and the story have all been repackaged nicely in terms of location and food.  Here’s the new of our old.


Animal Collective – Applesauce – I found out that a bunch of these guys went to a high school near my high school in Baltimore. It was known as a progressive school, and maybe it did it’s job because these guys are making some of the most forward pop music today, and it’s not just for the retro 90’s set.

Fiona Apple – Valentine – The Nina Simone of our time ? Each of her last two albums work greatly as an album, and not just singles. It seems that she takes the less expected route musically which makes the music more interesting as well as more enjoyable especially after repeated visits.

Four Tet – Pyramid – This is probably the most straight forward track from Kieran Hebden. A four four techno hit that has a robotic voice intro that sounds like a New Order sample from either Blue Monday or one of their other tracks.

Micachu & The Shapes – Slick – More disjointed, bizarrely awkward pop music that somehow works in the same way that family members don’t always makes sense from a genetic, or environmental standpoint.

The xx – Unfold – Taking over the mantle for The Cure, in terms of moody, lighter driven music. It seems like this track and another one on their new album has a bit of what I call the “switch-blade” sound that Burial is known for.

Diplo – Butters Theme feat. Billy The Gent & Long Jawns – If I was somehow transported to a preposterously high DJ booth, and given instructions that my life would be permanently relocated to the suburbs where my only choices of dining had taglines that included, multiple locations to serve you and unlimited refills with purchase of, unless I was able to make a group of disinterested teenagers dance, I would play this song, maybe.

Smudges of a Thumbprint

Posted by admin on Jul 21st, 2008

Original Artwork, Joseph Arthur 2008

This past Friday night, we went to go see Joseph Arthur play a solo show at the best music venue in San Francisco, Great American Music Hall. When we showed up, I was surprised that it was a sit-down show, which I have never experienced at GAMH. The show was missing the sampler theatrics, which I’ve come to associate with Arthur, but it was far from a disappointment. He ran through such classics as Speed Of Light, Birthday Card, In The Sun, and a slowed down version of Honey and the Moon, which takes away the somewhat light-hearted optimism of the original, and turns it into more of a mournful plea. After the show, they were selling cd’s of the recorded show with Arthur signing and drawing (see above) on each cd cover. He was also kind enough to give a smudge on the hand to my cohort for the evening.

Joseph Arthur – Honey And The Moon (Live @ GAMH, July 19, 2008) – an intimate show with a great re-working of a classic choon.

Cex – Just Don’t Bite It – from the Tigerbeat6 Attitude release, which takes NWA classics and chops them up to make it seem like your record player is broken, or just skipping badly.

Santogold – I’m A Lady (Diplo Mix featuring Amanda Blank) – from the Top Ranking Diplo Dub megamix off of the Mad Decent label. a little LL with Miss Blank on the mic—how can you wrong?

Boban I Marko Markovic Orkestar – Dzumbus Funk – for fans of Beirut and everything else eastern european, way eastern european. a brass workout.

EarWaxBeGone December 2007 Compilation

Posted by admin on Dec 11th, 2007

Picture provided by Wikimedia

I am not doing a “best of” list this year. I had some songs and some albums put together, but I figure if you go through my posts throughout the year, you can find out what I dig/dug. As most of the tracks are still up for your listening or d-loding pleasure, go dig. I actually did put together a list of best albums which is on a friend’s new site which should be ready sometime next year, so…… Instead of lists, I put together a compilation of songs, some old, some new, some crude…..some just hard-to-find.

People Press Play – Always Wrong
Ben Benjamin – Selective Periphera nov1
Thom Yorke – A Rat’s Nest
Mikkel Metal – Brikan
Saul Williams – Black Stacey (Deadbeat Remix)
Matthew Dear – Deserter
Pinback – Devil You Know
Spoon – Black Like Me – Spoon
Franz Ferdinand – All My Friends (LCD Soundsystem Cover)
Nina Simone – Since I Fell For You
Cold War Kids – Electioneering (Radiohead Cover)
Diplo – Young Folks Pussy


(Hit Ctrl and then Click and “Save Link As”, or Right Click and “Save As”) otherwise just click on the link above and let it stream on your computer.

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