Fervor For

Posted by admin on Dec 12th, 2012

Chelsea Piers NYC, 2012.

Today, 12-12-12, is the concert for Hurricane Sandy here in NYC, and it seems that all of the relics of rock will be represented including a rumored reuniting of Nirvana with Paul McCartney in Kurt Cobain’s place. Since Eddie Vedder is on the bill, he would probably be the better fill-in choice, since they came up around the same time, and it would be completely ironic, not iconic. I don’t truly understand all of the fervor surrounding Nirvana. I had a chance to see them in college, and yes, they were good, and I’ve never seen such incredible mayhem for a band, but the artist that I am truly grateful of seeing while alive, and who I believe will have an ever greater lasting impact on music is Jeff Buckley. This guy was influenced by Bad Brains, Edith Piaf, Nina Simone, Cocteau Twins, The Pixies, Miles Davis and literally everything in between. His music shows/showed all of these influences. It was more complex, not as easily digestible as Nirvana which was essentially a pop band masked with distortion and Courtney Love.

This will probably be the last post for the year. No end of the year list, as I couldn’t come up with a list. I guess you can just go through my posts to figure out what I liked this year. Due to Hurricane Sandy, we missed the Grimes show which was one of the best albums of the year, but we have Jamie Lidell, and Sigur Ros coming up. Have a great end of the year and hopefully 2013 will be even better than 2012.

Liars – The Exact Colour of Doubt  – Classics haze-filled Liars. The best song on their album WIXIW . When I’m dreaming, I believe this is the song to best accompany my journey.

Tame Impala – Be Above It – Seriously, it sounds like the Beatles, right ?

Dirty Projectors – About To Die – The melodies and the poly rhythms make this song great. Everything seems to be pushed up front in terms of the production.

Flying Lotus – Tiny Tortures – One of the more understated pieces from Until The Quiet Comes but it still has the multiple layers of strangeness that make him great.

Japandroids – The House That Heaven Built – A great pop/rock song and one I would have held my emotive balance on if I were still in college. I can still appreciate this song, but my angst is now expressed in other ways than music.

Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong – They Can’t Take That Away From Me – A great combo that produced a few albums. Two legends in jazz that would seem like an unlikely pair, but work great on the ears.

Comfortably Hungry

Posted by admin on Sep 1st, 2009

Radio Flyer, Alameda Flea Market

I’ve been a bit lax on the posts lately. Since the start of my new business, Red Choo Choo, things have been a hectic around these parts. Also, I haven’t heard too much music that has caught my ear. I don’t think that’s supposed to makes sense. Anyhow, we have a great interview with Tune-Yards that we will be posting shortly. Enjoy the new and the old.

Anti-Pop Consortium – Volcano (Four Tet Remix) – They’re back together, so they can be further ignored by the public, most likely. Their new album, Fluorescent Black is a nice return. It would be great to have them make an entire album with Four Tet.

Flying Lotus – Infinitum (Dimlite’s Re-finitum) – Ahead of his time. From the LA EP, having bloodlines to Coltrane, this is the new Jazz that will be played for apple products in 2023.

The Smiths – Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want (Live) – Growing up, I never was a fan of The Smiths. I thought Morrisey’s moaning vocal delivery with his Elvis aesthetic killed whatever great music Marr was trying to play. I’ve softened my view over the years, being like sugar, I can still only take it in small doses, and this slowed down live version is a nicely aged whine.

The Stone Roses – I Wanna Be Adored – This is the 20th Anniversary remaster, and a perfect way to start an album. Eerie noises, the bass rolling in, the guitar slicing in through tiny spaces, and then the kick driving you towards a proclamation of greatness. A perfect album from a once, perfect band.


Bubble Wrap For Your Soul

Posted by admin on Jul 8th, 2008

Portland, 2008

My memory seems to fade faster and faster with age, as I am now reminded on a constant basis by a certain special someone, maybe as a way to help improve my memory……. This blog is a way for me to remember a certain moment in time, mainly in some abstract form. I spent this past extended weekend in Portland, which was planned and booked 48 hours before the trip. A spontaneous excursion with someone I have known for a little over 3 weeks. How it ended up, and what exactly took place, is not up for debate, but I would like to jot some notes down as if this blog were my 3×5 card memory aid for the trip.

(in no particular order)
-green apple burps
-dick cheney by the elevator
-cougar entry key
-‘betty ford drunk dancing on a table’ entry key
-ronnnie lott in the portland airport
-california is 2000 miles from portland?
-californians are supposedly rude
-photo booth assistant
-nola, the unagreeable owl
-sara with an ‘h’, the waterfall beaver
-room 511
-no rental cars, hmm
-a zip car application takes 3 days
-canadien bikers on harley’s need directions
-dead battery in the minivan
-one giant pancake
-wine in a coffee cup, a reocurring theme
-hung far low chinese restaurant
-pillowtop, or muffin top
-menu of pillows ?
-coffee time
-honey bucket
-jamison shots
-spitting on the spitting plant
-a hummer h3 is classified as a “fun car”
-ipod clock
-toilets flushing everywhere
-stop the taxi, i need to buy a plaid suit

back to reality………….maybe

The Pixies – Break My Body - originally from the Surfer Rosa album, this is a live version from the late 80’s.

Hanne Hukkelberg – Break My Body (Live) – taking some liberties with the lyrics, this live flute-infused version of the Pixies track is better than the original. a soft and piercing voice that opens like a tragic hallmark card that will never be made.

Flying Lotus – Robo Tussin Ft. Lil Wayne – take one of the best producers right now with the hottest hip hop artist today. for all of lil wayne’s commercial appeal, he still has one foot in the underground. and you can’t deny the new albums from lil wayne as well as flying lotus are 2 of the best albums out right now. get los angeles from flying lotus out on Warp , the Blue Note of electronic music.

Bus – Treasure Island - i’m thinking that if you were molasses and you went into a ball crawl, at let’s say, Chuck E Cheese, this would be the song that would best describe your excursion. remember, don’t step on any kids and avoid the giant rat.

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