Rendered Expectations

Posted by admin on Apr 26th, 2012

Fort Funston, San Francisco, 2011.

This past Monday, my better half and I got the pleasure of seeing tUnE-yArDs with full band as well as local guitar wizard Ava Mendoza play along with the following Buster Keaton shorts: One Week (1920), The Haunted House (1921) and with Fatty Arbuckle Good Night, Nurse! (1918) and The Cook (1918). It was at the legendary Castro Theater for the 55th San Francisco International Film Festival Her music lent itself perfectly to the acrobatic and hilarious shorts.


The Rip Off Artist – What Kind of Blue ? – Off of the excellent blu Tribunl album, that take old blues numbers and adds an abstract electronic element.

Sly & The Family Stone – If You Want Me To Stay – Where is Sly ? He’s probably living in Golden Gate Park. What a great bass line intro, and probably one of my favorite Sly tunes.

The Black Keys – Everlasting Light – Off of their best album, Brothers. They always have one or two great racks on each album which is overplayed on some commercial for Target or insect repellent douche adhering body spray.

Alabama Shakes – You Ain’t Alone – An incredible live act, which doesn’t completely come across in their first LP release, Boys & Girls, but still has some great tunes that sound old, but new.

Morphine- In Spite of Me – I got to see Morphine a few times in Philly when I was getting my higher education, and Mark Sandman, the lead singer and sax player would play two saxes at once. They were a great live band, and I’m sure they will continue to get a following even after Sandman’s tragic death in 1999.

The National – Lemonworld – I’ve never been a fan of this band. All of the songs sound the same to me, but this track has a nice melancholy melody. The driving beat is contrary to the lyrics.

Escort – Cocaine Blues – After seeing the average movie, The Sitter which had a great old school rap soundtrack including The Pharcyde, this track by the Brooklyn based disco band stood out because you know, babysitting and NY makes you think of the powder, right ?

Patrick Watson – Lighthouse – Along with Rocco Deluca, a possible vocal successor to Jeff Buckley ? A new release off of Adventures In Your Own Backyard. The album has a Devotchka and Beirut vibe.

Beach House – Myth – From Baltimore, STD free, and still hazy and dream-like. I think all of their albums should come with a prescription to Xanax which wouldn’t be a bad thing for most people.


Taking Care Of The Future

Posted by admin on Nov 28th, 2007

3rd Street Bridge, 2007

the past few weeks have been strange to say the least. actually, the whole year, so far, has been…..weird.
a ton of change is coming, so i’m trying to charge up the batteries for the long journey ahead.
if you are told of what your future holds, is it a comforting piece of information to have ……???

Modeselektor – The Dark Side Of The Sun feat. Puppetmastaz (Needletrasher) (Hip Hop, Abstract) – a crazy shortened version of the original. i guess it could make a nice ringtone and frighten everyone around you.

Duranduranduran – Face Blast (Hip Hop, Abstract) – from the excellent “2OO”Planet MU compilation, an interesting take on the social makeup of our society ?

Hauschka – Paddington (Piano) – using the piano as his base, Volker Bertelmann adds various materials to the strings of the piano while also plucking the actual string themselves. his new album, ‘room to expand’ is worth the price of admission to his unique world.

Patrick Watson – Bright Shiny Lights (Singer Songwriter) – after hearing the cinematic orchestra’s ‘to build a home’ which featured patrick watson on vocal and piano, i picked up his ‘close to paradise’ release which shows the bareness and bluesy nature which makes his voice great.

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